Non-tech post

So yesterday I mostly spent vomiting every half an hour (which was nice).  And today I have mostly spent in bed trying to recover.  It appears that I got some sort of nasty stomach flu… This is bad.  On the plus side, the staying in bed today means that I got quite a bit done on hat-core hopefully I can produce some slightly more readable code than the previous version.


Homemade iPod Mini ad takes web by storm!

Or not. At any rate, it’s pretty awesome.

Check it out: Link to article and video.

*Special thanks to forum member Nicholas Naime for the link.

Apple silences Harmony with latest iPod Software Update

Cnet reports that Apple’s latest version of its iPod software no longer plays music using Real’s Harmony technology.

The move could render tunes purchased by many iPod owners unplayable on their music players. For the last four months, RealNetworks has marketed its music store as the only Apple rival compatible with the iPod, following the company’s discovery of a way to let its customers play their downloaded tunes on Apple’s MP3 player.

Read the article here. Good times, good times. Although it begs the question; should Apple open up? iTunes Music Store is not a huge revenue generator for Apple, so it wouldn’t hurt Apple too much to open up--and it may help sustain sales of the iPod. However, it must be done on Apple’s terms. “H4x0r” may indeed be an appropriate term to describe Real on this matter.

Ok, so I made a mistake

I admit it, while trying to sort something out I made a tiny mistake and I accidentally wiped the entire Deep Thought database. But at least I learnt something. Don’t try that again. Hopefully we are now at full operating capacity (minus the obvious content). And with any luck the project that was meant to be secret but was the cause of this mess will be finished for it’s planned opening date of January the 1st.

Random thoughts on a Tuesday Afternoon

Okay, so final exams suck, but what are ya gonna do? ...I hope Penn State’s ditching of IE is a sign of things to come. Of course I just had to go to the school that signed a deal with Real (from what I’ve heard, the UC Berkeley-Real deal didn’t really catch on with the students--I sure don’t use it! raspberry ). ...With the announcement of an 80 GB Toshiba mini hard drive and subsequent rumors of an 80 GB iPod, I just have to ask; when will I decide to plunk down the cash for an iPod? Maybe, like, when I’m not forking over $3400 every semester? ...And will MWSF be Mac-Centric or music-centric this year. I’m hoping for the former; better yet, I’m hoping to actually hop on a bus for a half hour and actually go to MWSF…

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