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A Few Years Back

A few years ago DT stopped cold. Articles slowly moved from semi-daily things to a weekly, to bi-weekly, to monthly, to nonexistent. Since 2010, my last two articles have been the only ones to ring in any traffic around here.

I’ve decided that I wanted to get back into the blogging game for good. To do this I’ve decided to stop posting on DT. “Again!” Your saddened screams echo at the screens of the 300 computers of my only readers. My reasoning is that I posses only the ability to write articles on this site, where I can make design decisions on a blog I run, bring in new writers, and so on.

All this said, I’ll keep this brief, if you wish to continue reading my musings, you can find my new blog at Its mainly ramblings about video games, and some assorted geekery. Hopefully it will find its way on the internet someday. 

Sweet dreams, ill let you rest now.

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Deep Thought: A Few Years Back

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