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Apple sells movies--sorta [UPDATED TWICE AGAIN]

It looks like the rumors got this right, kinda. Movies are available for download on iTunes, sotra. Now available on iTunes, “High School Musical” (iTunes link), a touching story about a jock and a brain who both enjoy singing and break down stereotypes. Beautiful. Powerful. Made-for-TV. It runs for $1.99, the same as other iTMS videos, [UPDATE: It looks like Apple upped the price to $9.99.] and is a 487 MB download.

Rumors have been floating around for a while about Apple moving into offering full-length movies on iTunes, though it’s hard to tell whether this is simply an extension of offering TV shows (it is a made-for-TV movie, as mentioned before), or if you really will be able to download Dude, Where’s My Car? someday in the near future.

UPDATE: Changed “brian” to “brain.” I hope nobody got the wrong impression… -ed.

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The only real holdup are the studios. For some reason, they seem insistent that the downloaded movie only play for 24 hours (or in some sub form) and then it dies or they want to charge a huge amount for it. THey are a) afraid of Apple and b) afraid we’ll stop buying DVD’s.

Again, they just don’t get it. We consumers are willing to re-buy everything - we already proven that with DVD’s.

Hopefully HS musical will sell like crazy and it’ll light the path.


Yes, you will soon be able to download “Dude, Where’s My Car?” But why would you want to?


How long does it take to download this?


I don’t know; I’m not spending $10 on that! raspberry


Yes, you will soon be able to download “Dude, Where’s My Car?? But why would you want to?

It’s either that or Gigli. wink



Deep Thought: Apple sells movies--sorta [UPDATED TWICE AGAIN]

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