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In Light of the Lyrics App Debacle


Apple initially rejected Jelle Prins’ iPhone app Lyrics, which displays lyrics for the songs in your music library, including the profanity contained in some song lyrics. Apple cited that fact as the reason for turning Prins down.

Oh Apple, look what I found:

Uploaded Image

Perhaps maybe you should make them censor it?

Ooh, and there’s this other app that allows unfiltered access to the internet, including objectionable content which you seem not to like allowing. I think it’s called… um.... Safari, that’s it! Wait a minute....

Uploaded Image

Yeah, make the developers of that conduit of smut pay for their sins against our children.

Speaking of children, won’t somebody think of them?

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You should post a screenshot of a nice pair of tits on an iPhone, just for good measure. tongue rolleye



Har. raspberry


You know, I should have known you’d respond that way…


What’s that? You’ll have to be more specific, I’m just an internet user. raspberry


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Deep Thought: In Light of the Lyrics App Debacle

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