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Mac OS X Tiger for x86 leaked, cracked and running on standard PCs

It had to happen. There are a couple of videos around the web this morning clearly showing Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger for x86 running on non-Apple hardware. Both videos show a PC laptop booting from a power-off state into a working OS X Tiger desktop. One video goes on to show Tiger’s report on the CPU and hardware it is running on, clearly showing it to be running on a Pentium M which used exclusively on laptops.

Two months ago at its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple formally announced it was working on a version of Mac OS X for Intel x86 Processors. At the same conference, it also announced it would be making special Intel-powered developer kits available for coders to get an early start with x86 development. Recently, rumors surfaced that those developer kits contained Trusted Computing chips, designed to prevent the OS from running on non-sanctioned hardware. Apple remained silent on those rumors, however.

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I can just feel the printer at Apple legal warming up.



Deep Thought: Mac OS X Tiger for x86 leaked, cracked and running on standard PCs

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