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Sometimes, Apple Blows

Apple is like a really high maintenance woman you won't break up with because she's just too damn hot.

It’s 4:15 PM Central time and I’m fuming at Apple. Right now, Apple has a software policy that is the lamest policy I have ever witnessed in my twenty-four years of computing.

I own a G5 Mac, which has a PowerPC processor. I own Final Cut Studio. Last year, Apple updated Final Cut Studio to be Universal, which means it runs on both Intel-based Macs and PowerPC-based Macs. They didn’t add any new features to the software, they just made it compatible with Intel Macs. They offered this update for $49. I didn’t buy it because I run the software on a PowerPC Mac, so I have no need to spend $49 to get the same exact feature set for a different processor.

Today I received Motion project files from a client. When I tried to open the project, I got a message saying that I can’t open the project because it was created with a newer version of Motion. I have version 2.0.1 and the project was created in 2.1. What’s this? Motion 2.1 is the same exact application except it runs on Intel-based Macs. Why can’t I open Motion 2.1 files?

So I go look for the Motion 2.1 updater from Apple’s site figuring that I’ll download it and update my Motion. There’s no mention of it in the Downloads section. I then look for the upgrade pricing from 2.0.1 to 2.1. There is none. I call Apple and I’m told (and this is the kicker) that I have to pay $699 for Final Cut Studio 5.1 to get Motion 2.1. I have to buy the same exact applications with the same features, the same manuals, for $699 to run it on my existing hardware so that it can open Motion 2.1 files from other people. Some people might say, “Hey Scot, Apple had to spend a lot of time and money on getting their applications to be compatible with Intel Macs so it’s fair that they charge for that.” Yeah, that’s true, but I don’t have an Intel Mac (ignoring my Macbook because Motion won’t even run on it).

Apple did offer this update for $49, but that “cross-grade” option isn’t available anymore. The price is now $699. How’s that for the noble Apple that put Gandhi and John Lennon on their billboards to tell us all that they are the good guys, not the evil corporation from Redmond that rakes in billions every quarter? Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. Yeah, here’s to the crazy ones who will fork over $699 to Apple to get a dot update that has no new features.

What’s worse is that Final Cut Studio is supposedly going to be updated in a couple of weeks, on April 15th. “Well, gee, Scot, Apple will give you the next version for free if you buy Final Cut Studio 5.1 for $699 two and a half weeks before the new version is announced.” Really? Apple doesn’t have that policy stated anywhere.

Apple is a greedy corporation that will take advantage of their customers when they can just like any other corporation. Not only are they taking advantage of people who buy Apple’s new Macs by milking them for software updates to make their existing software compatible with their new hardware, they don’t let you buy the individual applications. Want Motion 2? You have to buy DVD Studio Pro with that.

Apple is like a really high maintenance woman you won’t break up with because she’s just too damn hot. As was the case twenty years ago, it is an arrogant company that spits on their customers and dares them to switch to the inferior Windows PC. “Go ahead, move to the wrong side of the tracks. You’ll be crawling back!”

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Deep Thought: Sometimes, Apple Blows

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