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Deals of The Moment: September 4, 2014

Welcome back everyone! I hope your summer was as good as mine, although I doubt that any of you are as poor as I am, after all college does cost a lot! To restart my writing career this fall I’ve put together the top Three deals from the internet today, as well as the top two tech items I bought this summer. Enjoy!

Top Three Deals

Boss Audio In-Dash Head Unit
Man, I lave my car stereo, I dont have this one, but if I did, I would probably be satisfied, especially since its still rocking the old-school iPod connector. Thats right, if your not on the Lightning connector bandwagon, then get this sucker. Especially since Boss is a good brand, and its through Amazon. Oh and if you read this before 2:00PM EST, you wont see it on sale, thats because it goes on sale at 2:00PM EST. It’s a bit of a risk putting this on here since I have no clue what Amazon is going to discount it for, but if you need to fix your radio cravings, fix them at 2:00PM. Find it on Amazon.

Thief (2014)
Steam has this game up for a steal of a price (haha!) at only 10.19$USD. It came out in February, so 66% seven months later is pretty sweet. Find it on Steam.

Kindle Fire HD
Im pretty sure HD fire burns much hotter than SD fire, but I could be wrong. Woot is slinging Amazon refurbished Kindle Fire HD’s for…

Amazon Announces Amazon Fire TV

This morning, the inevitable happened, Amazon announced the Amazon Fire TV. We all saw this coming, we all knew it would happen. However Amazon seems to have hit all the marks on their way to making a challenger for the streaming box market. The box also mixes in an effort to take on systems like OUYA in the android gaming market. Which with a retail of $99USD it seems like it has a pretty solid future in the market.

Amazon has crammed more into this box than any other one on the market. First and most impressively is that it packs a Quad-Core processor, Adreno 320 graphics engine, and 2GB of memory. On the remote side Amazon has included voice search, something that might come in handy when searching for titles with long names. The box itself is pretty small, square, and glossy. It packs ten different streaming services, although its oddly missing HBOgo. The box also features a service called ASAP which starts streaming of a title right when you hit play instead of showing that buffering or loading screen we are all accustomed to.

On the Android side, the box has a strong push to become the big Android console. Amazon has also released a game controller peripheral (A great hands on can be found on Engadget, who detail it as a similarity to an Xbox 360 controller. Speaking of Xbox controllers, a USB one can apparently be used with this Fire TV, so thats a plus.

Bezos and…

Deals of The Moment: March 30th

Welcome to the first weekly roundup of tech/geek deals. Hopefully we help you find that next thing to throw your disposable income at. After all that is what we are all looking forward to isn’t it? Spending what we got on Friday?


For all those computers you have.

Substance Painter (MAC/PC) $74.99USD 50% off-- 3D Painting at less than it should cost. Grab it on Steam.

Black Ink (PC) $49.99USD 50% off—A new take on digital art, uses non-traditional tools to help create now designs from everyone. Grab it on Steam.

Rosetta Stone (MAC/PC) $Varying 45% off -- Amazon is always selling these at discount, so you can learn french to make your lady friend swoon. Grab one of many at Amazon.

Panda Antivirus Pro (PC) $9.99USD 67% off—Not my AV of choice (Webroot Gamer edition is), but its cheap and named after a beloved creature. Downloadable version only. Grab it on Newegg.

Adobe CS6 Downloads (MAC/PC) $Varying -- Amazon is showing some very soft discounts on a few of these, worth a look. Grab them at Amazon

Square Enix Games (MAC/PC -Varying) $1.74 - 33.34USD 33-75% off -- Till tomorrow Steam is throwing a weekend sale of all Square Enix games. Theif, Tomb Raider, Dues Ex, Hitman etc. Grab them on Steam.

Agricultural Simulator 2013 (PC) $0.99USD 90% off—Steam is pretty much giving the opportunity to drive digital tractors away for 38 more hours. Grab it on Steam.


For all that software you just bought.

Corsair Vengeance 8Gb

Hmm, I guess it’s been a while…

“It’s like a zombie, it’ll dig itself back up again.”

Adventures in Beta

In other words, we got a box at first, and later the developers put stuff in the box. Then we asked for more, so they colored the box. That is where game development is today.

Its been two years since we saw anything on here. Despite my picture on the staff page being drastically outdated, I feel I owe at least one last article. Also, no one reads my personal blog, and this is a better shot than that. So, welcome back geeks, here’s more of my nonsensical ramblings.

I’ve been a gamer for a very, very long time. My Steam account is a five digit, which to those who know what that means, it means that at least once during every game of Counter Strike: Source/Global Offensive I play I get asked by a thirteen-year-old if he can buy my steam account. Of course thirteen-year-old’s don’t have enough money to buy my Steam account. The point is that I’ve been around the PC gaming block once or twice.

During my adventures through all sorts of virtual terrain, our digital earth, alien planets, radioactive swamps, etc; I’ve found that games have gone from a time where we saw one or two patches for a game, to total redesigns of games after final release (I’m positive that Team Fortress 2 is on its 4,000,000th patch, most of which are content updates). Of course, looking on one of my favorite games to play on old thrift store computers, Fallout has only one patch released. Its also totally unplayable on Windows 7 or any modern hardware. On the other side of the spectrum, we see a lot of developers doing open beta’s these days, and releasing tons and tons…

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