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An iOS app that lets me avoid people? Yeah, I can get behind that

I’m not especially socially inclined. I can’t small-talk to save my life. Eye contact is just about the Worst Thing Ever™. And then there are those times where I’ll just about lose my shit if I have to interact with another human being. Thank goodness I live in a world where Cloak exists.

Cloak is an iOS app that warns you when people you’d rather avoid—an ex, that obnoxiously chatty coworker, whomever—is in your vicinity. It works its magic by scraping location data for your, um, “friends” from Instagram and Foursquare. What? Your friends don’t use either of those services? All bets are off, then; good luck, have fun, etc…

Cloak is a free download from the App Store and requires iOS 7 or later. Check it out if you dare. Or don’t. Just don’t expect me to acknowledge your existence if I see you out around town.

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Mac Heist 3 Begins

They are offering Process, normally $39USD, for free

Mac Heist three began today. They are offering Process, normally $39USD, for free just for logging in. Beware, the web server is buckling under the load of people. So it may take a long time to get anywhere.

Head over to to join the fun!

UPDATE: It appears that the next piece of loot is MacDust

Note to Apple: Vista is fixed.

Apple’s relentless anti-Vista smear campaign continues, with its latest round of “Mac vs. PC” commercials accusing Microsoft of spending money on marketing that it could be spending to “fix Vista.”

Here’s a note to Apple: Vista is fixed. It’s called Service Pack 1, a release that, by all accounts, addresses the vast majority of issues Vista had at launch. Windows Vista with SP1 is fast, stable and highly capable, and despite Apple’s relentless smear campaign, people are gradually beginning to realize that Vista isn’t as bad as they’d been led to believe.

It’s time for Apple to stop the smearing and go back to focusing on the positive aspects of Mac OS X.

Adium Adds Facebook Chat Support

Not only is it prettier, but it also gets logged

For years iChat has been the best bet for a instant messaging program on OS X. At least in my opinion, the old Adium lacked in many features, and the new one still lacks some. These are excused by one simple feature that iChat is no where near beating. Facebook Chat support.

Facebook chat is possibly the ugliest thing ever invented. It plagues the bottom part of your Facebook page, blocking links, obstructing pokes, and making me piss blood I am so angry. I mean why in the name of all that is good and holy in the world of technology would Facebook ever think that something like a pop-up chat bar at the bottom of the screen would be anywhere near a good idea? Honestly, I have nothing that relates to any kind of clue as to why they did this. I just know it pisses me off. The chat interface when a window is opened takes up about 400 pixels. So depending on what computer your using to look at Facebook, the chat window may eat anywhere from 20% of your screen to 100%.

Seriously though, this chat interface is possibly one of the worst I have ever seen. Even irc was better planned when it came out in the 1990’s. This completely obtrusive chat window keeps popping up and blocking me from clicking on one of those adds that has the half naked girl on it! Cause I am totally interested in womens underwear Mark Zuckerburg. Yeah that’s…

WWDC 2008

WWDC 08 Keynote wrapup and postmortem

The WWDC keynote has come and gone. Now it’s time for pundits (or wannabe pundits) to pick apart every detail about the keynote. Let’s do just that. Before we go any further, be sure to take a look at my WWDC predictions to see where I stood before today.

In general today’s keynote had no surprises. And I expected it to me almost entirely iPhone (which it was). Let’s take a closer look at what was announced, and what wasn’t.

What we saw

iPhone apps, OS 2.0 and SDK

Again, no big surprises (though some new features that’ll make developers a little happier, including the iPhone’s “push” notification system). What we did see is that the iPhone may become a pretty damn good mobile gaming system. I’m not going to det too into detail here, since there was nothing really new announced, except to ask, what will these apps mean for iPhone battery life?

My prediction: I pretty much nailed this one, right down to there being 3rd-party app demos (I’d go so far as to say there were too many app demos, but whatever).

3G iPhone

Anyone who predicted a more radical change in form factor (larger iPhone, etc...) was proven wrong. Let’s be honest, the iPhone is a perfect pocket size right now. What good would it do for Apple to release a larger one? As for the appearance, the black-and-white-back rumor was spot-on, even with the non-recessed headphone jack. So once again, this was pretty much what everyone…

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