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A Few Years Back

A few years ago DT stopped cold. Articles slowly moved from semi-daily things to a weekly, to bi-weekly, to monthly, to nonexistent. Since 2010, my last two articles have been the only ones to ring in any traffic around here.

I’ve decided that I wanted to get back into the blogging game for good. To do this I’ve decided to stop posting on DT. “Again!” Your saddened screams echo at the screens of the 300 computers of my only readers. My reasoning is that I posses only the ability to write articles on this site, where I can make design decisions on a blog I run, bring in new writers, and so on.

All this said, I’ll keep this brief, if you wish to continue reading my musings, you can find my new blog at Its mainly ramblings about video games, and some assorted geekery. Hopefully it will find its way on the internet someday. 

Sweet dreams, ill let you rest now.

The Internet is A Harsh Maiden: A Maiden Allergic to The War Z

The internet, or at least part of it, grabbed its stomach and threw The War Z up today.

I recently mentioned a game called The War Z in an article. At the time, there was not a lot of chatter on the internet about it. Just your average game, on the average internet. The last two days have seen some of the largest amount of internet activism against the game that I have ever witnessed, and I think its of note because of several things.

First of all, the internet is unforgiving. Just Bob Seger used to tell us that Rock n’ Roll never forgets, the internet never forgives, and most certainly this is not an exception. Since the games release on steam meta critic has gone from twenty-one user reviews, to an astounding 1,211 user reviews at the time of this writing. The breakdown of those feature 100 positive, nineteen mixed, and a staggering 1,093 negative. After scrolling through about six pages of reviews I found most of the negative reviews are of the zero and one variety, and most are well thought out and articulated reviews. Feel free to peruse them for yourself at the above link, I personally rather enjoy the writings of angered gamers.

Along with the MetaCritic gloom hanging over the game, it has also faced Steam troubles in the last few days. Released on the 17th of this month on Steam, The War Z rocketed to the number one selling game on the service. With a price tag under fifteen USD it was bound to sell well, and it did. However, the Steam

In Light of the Lyrics App Debacle


Apple initially rejected Jelle Prins’ iPhone app Lyrics, which displays lyrics for the songs in your music library, including the profanity contained in some song lyrics. Apple cited that fact as the reason for turning Prins down.

Oh Apple, look what I found:

Uploaded Image

Perhaps maybe you should make them censor it?

Ooh, and there’s this other app that allows unfiltered access to the internet, including objectionable content which you seem not to like allowing. I think it’s called… um.... Safari, that’s it! Wait a minute....

Uploaded Image

Yeah, make the developers of that conduit of smut pay for their sins against our children.

Speaking of children, won’t somebody think of them?’s Popular Board /b/ Taken down

In wake of the DDOS attack on /b/ that I reported on a few minuets ago. It has taken only twenty seven minuets for the moderators at 4chan to take down /b/. At 7:27PM EST /b/ was reported as 404’d. Threatend By Internet War Against Boxxy

While browsing one of my favorite sites I found that the internet war between‘s Anonymous and a young, quite annoying girl from youtube named Boxxy has began to reach what a sociologist would call ”Critical Mass.” There is a large movement amoung users to perform a DDOS attack on the site at 7:00PM EST tonight. If you also brows the website be sure to expect delays or even a total server crash from 7PM onwards tonight.

The group of users are calling the attack under two codename: Operation Valkyrie and Operation Clampdown. The goal of the attack is to, according to the boards at 4chan, “stop the spread of the boxxy cancer.”

I will keep you updated on this situation as it develops throughout the night.

UPDATE 6:45PM EST: Just fifteen minuets before the attack an image is found of DDOS program aimed at It appears to be a program commonly used called Low Orbit Ion Cannon. The interesting thing from the screen shot is that the programs are set to broadcast a message to the mods to destroy boxxy or else it seems the attack will be endless. More information to come.

Images regarding the DDOS attack: (these have been edited to make them more family friendly and as to not promote illegal actives as is against policies.)

In no way is the author of this post, or supporting the hacking, attack, or other illegal actions against any other website. We…

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