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Amazon Announces Amazon Fire TV

This morning, the inevitable happened, Amazon announced the Amazon Fire TV. We all saw this coming, we all knew it would happen. However Amazon seems to have hit all the marks on their way to making a challenger for the streaming box market. The box also mixes in an effort to take on systems like OUYA in the android gaming market. Which with a retail of $99USD it seems like it has a pretty solid future in the market.

Amazon has crammed more into this box than any other one on the market. First and most impressively is that it packs a Quad-Core processor, Adreno 320 graphics engine, and 2GB of memory. On the remote side Amazon has included voice search, something that might come in handy when searching for titles with long names. The box itself is pretty small, square, and glossy. It packs ten different streaming services, although its oddly missing HBOgo. The box also features a service called ASAP which starts streaming of a title right when you hit play instead of showing that buffering or loading screen we are all accustomed to.

On the Android side, the box has a strong push to become the big Android console. Amazon has also released a game controller peripheral (A great hands on can be found on Engadget, who detail it as a similarity to an Xbox 360 controller. Speaking of Xbox controllers, a USB one can apparently be used with this Fire TV, so thats a plus.

Bezos and…

An iOS app that lets me avoid people? Yeah, I can get behind that

I’m not especially socially inclined. I can’t small-talk to save my life. Eye contact is just about the Worst Thing Ever™. And then there are those times where I’ll just about lose my shit if I have to interact with another human being. Thank goodness I live in a world where Cloak exists.

Cloak is an iOS app that warns you when people you’d rather avoid—an ex, that obnoxiously chatty coworker, whomever—is in your vicinity. It works its magic by scraping location data for your, um, “friends” from Instagram and Foursquare. What? Your friends don’t use either of those services? All bets are off, then; good luck, have fun, etc…

Cloak is a free download from the App Store and requires iOS 7 or later. Check it out if you dare. Or don’t. Just don’t expect me to acknowledge your existence if I see you out around town.

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An Adventure In Phone Shopping (Ode To Crackberry)

Posted courtesy of the private blog of Jay Grider, features editor. Original article can be found At this location. This is a modified version of the article edited to better suit the content of this site.

My Curve was a gift from a friend and former boss Chip. Chip bought the phone through T-mobile probably when it first came out as the Curve 8320 was released in 2007 and it was gifted to me in 2009. Chip moved from that crackberry to another quickly, and shortly after moved to AT&T for an iPhone. When my Nokia flip phone, whose model number I am too lazy to find but we can suffice that it was a piece of crap, died after a long string a abuse (being pushed into the pool during JAWS camp, being thrown into my wall and getting stuck, being dropped out the car window on the interstate on accident [you get the idea]) I tried to seek a cheap alternative to pay for a new phone.

As someone who has task management issues I found myself craving the scheduling features that a smartphone packed. Posting around and tweeting asking if people had any old blackberry’s laying around *since i knew no one would give out a free iPhone or Droid* @ichip offered his to me. I fell in love as soon as I unlocked the T-Mobile device to work on my wireless carrier, a process that only took me 18 hours of active hacking. The phone…

In Light of the Lyrics App Debacle


Apple initially rejected Jelle Prins’ iPhone app Lyrics, which displays lyrics for the songs in your music library, including the profanity contained in some song lyrics. Apple cited that fact as the reason for turning Prins down.

Oh Apple, look what I found:

Uploaded Image

Perhaps maybe you should make them censor it?

Ooh, and there’s this other app that allows unfiltered access to the internet, including objectionable content which you seem not to like allowing. I think it’s called… um.... Safari, that’s it! Wait a minute....

Uploaded Image

Yeah, make the developers of that conduit of smut pay for their sins against our children.

Speaking of children, won’t somebody think of them?

So I’ve Just Come Into the Posession of a New Monitor

And it’s been quite illuminating. Before I go on, however, I should note that this post contains images, and that if you’re using dial-up you should take a moment to remember that you are accessing the internet using the telephone line, which although may have sufficed in a bygone era, is a preposterous thought in this day and age. You should then go get something to drink because this page will take a while to load, what with you calling it up and asking it what it looks like instead of using broadband like civilized people.


For starters, I found a minor display bug in iTunes.
I wonder if Apple has any large displays laying around their offices.... Eh, probably not.

I also found that glossy displays are better than matte. All matte advocates are hereby committed to a mental institute for their choice, which is wrong by virtue of differing from my choice.
What’s on the screen? What’s in the room? Hours of fun for the whole family!

Lastly, I’ve found that the mobile web is more fun the larger the display gets.
Who needs line wrapping?

The interesting thing that I’ve noticed is that, despite coming from a dual-monitor setup, I feel more like an evil genius now than I did before. There’s something about a guy hunched over in front of a huge panel that exudes the feel of 1960s evil.

And this concludes the last content-free post I’ll be making.

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