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The Internet is A Harsh Maiden: A Maiden Allergic to The War Z

The internet, or at least part of it, grabbed its stomach and threw The War Z up today.

I recently mentioned a game called The War Z in an article. At the time, there was not a lot of chatter on the internet about it. Just your average game, on the average internet. The last two days have seen some of the largest amount of internet activism against the game that I have ever witnessed, and I think its of note because of several things.

First of all, the internet is unforgiving. Just Bob Seger used to tell us that Rock n’ Roll never forgets, the internet never forgives, and most certainly this is not an exception. Since the games release on steam meta critic has gone from twenty-one user reviews, to an astounding 1,211 user reviews at the time of this writing. The breakdown of those feature 100 positive, nineteen mixed, and a staggering 1,093 negative. After scrolling through about six pages of reviews I found most of the negative reviews are of the zero and one variety, and most are well thought out and articulated reviews. Feel free to peruse them for yourself at the above link, I personally rather enjoy the writings of angered gamers.

Along with the MetaCritic gloom hanging over the game, it has also faced Steam troubles in the last few days. Released on the 17th of this month on Steam, The War Z rocketed to the number one selling game on the service. With a price tag under fifteen USD it was bound to sell well, and it did. However, the Steam

Adventures in Beta

In other words, we got a box at first, and later the developers put stuff in the box. Then we asked for more, so they colored the box. That is where game development is today.

Its been two years since we saw anything on here. Despite my picture on the staff page being drastically outdated, I feel I owe at least one last article. Also, no one reads my personal blog, and this is a better shot than that. So, welcome back geeks, here’s more of my nonsensical ramblings.

I’ve been a gamer for a very, very long time. My Steam account is a five digit, which to those who know what that means, it means that at least once during every game of Counter Strike: Source/Global Offensive I play I get asked by a thirteen-year-old if he can buy my steam account. Of course thirteen-year-old’s don’t have enough money to buy my Steam account. The point is that I’ve been around the PC gaming block once or twice.

During my adventures through all sorts of virtual terrain, our digital earth, alien planets, radioactive swamps, etc; I’ve found that games have gone from a time where we saw one or two patches for a game, to total redesigns of games after final release (I’m positive that Team Fortress 2 is on its 4,000,000th patch, most of which are content updates). Of course, looking on one of my favorite games to play on old thrift store computers, Fallout has only one patch released. Its also totally unplayable on Windows 7 or any modern hardware. On the other side of the spectrum, we see a lot of developers doing open beta’s these days, and releasing tons and tons…

Classy Gradient Wallpapers Using Only MS Paint

If you just want a classy, simple wallpaper, but only have access to MS Paint (this is most useful in an office,) there exists a way to create simple gradients using an image as small as nine pixels square.

  1. Use the Attributes dialog to specify a very small image. Depending on the amount of colors you want to use for the gradient, you may want to add more or less, but keep the image square.
  2. The pencil tool can be used to color individual pixels and fill the image. Play around with the shape and tones of the intended gradient.
  3. Save the file as a .jpg.
  4. Set it as your wallpaper, in stretch mode. Windows will scale the image as if it were a photograph, and smoothly blend the image.

et viola!

Uploaded Image

To download the sample image, “Right Click, Save As” this text.

Oh Great Thanks A Big Bundle Microsoft Marketing Department

Uploaded Image

No, really, thanks. Not only now do I have to deal with your stupid ad campaign getting plastered all over the internet, getting talked about by anyone and everyone with an opinion and just a smidge of an audience (oh, and the actual campaign you’re running, too) now I’ll have to see more of the opposite but equal counterpart: “Hey Guys I’m a Mac I’m supposed to be cool but instead I’m Justin Long isn’t that weird?” Yes, that’s right, the Apple marketing department is likely right now--at this very moment--working on their witty rebuttal. So not only do I have to sit through more parts of their ads that don’t involve John Hodgman, I have to sit through more Daily Show episodes that do not feature him as a correspondent. And on top of that, whiny internet nerds who are not me.

No, seriously, great job.

Safari 4 Beta (tl;dr: meh)

Unfortunately for Apple, the King shall remain…

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